Marriage Preparation

Please contact the office at least 3 months in advance should you plan to get married in a church in the Diocese of False Bay.

The Rector or the assistant will have the proper discussions with you. The Diocese of False Bay has specific rules for weddings and expect the couple who plans to get married to attend Marriage preparation classes before the Wedding.

 The Diocese also requires that the Bans of Marriage should be publish at least a week before the wedding. The couple is expected to be present at the publishing of the Bans of Marriage









Baptism Classes

Contact your Area-Leader for a First-Contact interview.

Ensure that you are aware of the rules regarding Baptism.

Bereavement Support

Contact the Parish Office for the contact person who can assist you through the bereavement process

Anti-Drug Support

The Parish offer support for those affected by drug abuse.

Please contact the secretary for more details

Funeral Arrangements

Helpful tips when there is a Death in the family

1. Please ensure that you contact the Rector as soon as possible after the death of a love one.
2. Contact the Lay minister who work in your area AFTER you've been in contact with the Rector or Assistant priest.
Kuils River East - contact Sam Taute,
Highbury - contact Reggie Carter,
Nooiensfontein - contact Susan Wildtschutt,
Area 3 - contact Eleanor Wessels,
Deshamden - contact Grace Wehr,
Extention 21 - contact Deanne Machelm,
Pan Area- contact Fred Prins.
You also may contact the Lay Minister who ministered to your love one.
Contact the Parish office or Eleanor Wessels to assist, if for some reason you cannot get hold of your area Lay minister
3. Arrangements for the funeral and Service of Comfort should only be started after the family had their discussion with the Clergy.

4. Feel free to talk to our Rector or assistant Priest to guide you through this difficult time.


The Church of St George the Martyr

Parish Office        021 903 4562