The Church of St George the Martyr – Kuils River

     with the Chapelries of St Mark, Rotterdam and St Monica,     Westbank


From the Rector’s desk

Office will be closed from Wednesday, 25/03/2020 at 15:00 until further notice

Contact can be made for emergency with the following persons:

  • Rector
    • Ven Rodney Whiteman – 073 462 7338
  • Assistant Priest
    • Revd Marlon Porter –          060 722 9425
  • Churchwardens
    • Priscilla Joseph –         067 014 9818
    • Wilma Koopman –         083 873 1212
    • Andrea Jacobs –         079 322 8762
  • Administrative Staff
    • Charlene Williams –         083 657 6266
    • Cindy Owies –         078 519 1798
    • Derrick Lamb -           072 417 8412
  • St Mark Chapelwardens
    • Garth Adams -           071 868 2410
    • Bruce Pland –          076 591 2040
    • Abel van Wyk –          082 967 7511
  • St Monica Leaders
    • Georgina Kaiters – 082 629 4461
    • Danny Minaar – 083 766 3906


  • Will be done via
    • Facebook
    • WhatsApp
  • All messages must be vetted by the Rector with the Wardens and Parish Councillors
    • Dissemination of messages
      • From Rector – Wardens – PCC
      • To
        • Area Leaders
        • Organisation/Ministry Leaders
        • Facebook
      • The resources for credible information will be drawn from:
        • President
        • Archbishop Thabo
        • Bishop Margaret
        • Dr Erasmus and other medical staff connected to the Parish
      • Liturgy Services will be done via
        • Weekly Podcasts
        • Facebook


  • All Services and meetings are suspended until further notice
  • Bell will ring at 12:00 every day for 15 seconds
    • Please make this a time to stop and e still consciously before the Lord
      • Pray
    • An Anglican Prayer Book
      • I encourage to you use the Prayer Book every day for
        • Morning Prayer
        • Evening Prayer
        • You can also recite the Litany
      • Funerals
        • No Service of Comfort will be arranged
        • Services will go ahead with only 50 attendees, which means immediate family
        • No receptions will be arranged for the MPC
        • Family to contact Rector
        • For the Funeral Services, attendees are required to sign a register
        • No viewing at home nor at Church – article from News 24 24/03/2020
        • I encourage Cremations
        • We can arrange Memorial Services once things are normalized
      • Baptisms
        • Classes and Baptism services are postponed until further notice
      • Weddings
        • All Weddings are postponed until further notice.

Financial Contributions

  • The leadership thanks all our parishioners for the generous, systematic and sacrificial manner in which you contribute to the mission and ministry of the parish, financially and in other ways. The parish is able to meet its monthly mission and ministry responsibilities.
  • The economy of the Parish depends on the generosity of all her registered members.
  • We write in the knowledge that our country labours under the weight of a high unemployment rate and a severely challenged economy. The lockdown will no doubt impact on each person and family negatively. This remains a matter of prayer, creative thinking and action. We Praise God for the generosity extended by two billionaire families to a fund to support all challenged at this time.
  • We have a number of parishioners who are giving through the EFT banking system. We are humbly encouraging all parishioners to do the same. We appeal to those who know how EFT works to assist those who are still learning.
  • The Banking details for EFT payments:
    • Name of Parish Account: The Church of St George the Martyr,
    • Name of Bank: Standard Bank
    • Code of Bank:
    • Account number 27 076 7347
    • Reference is your Pledge Number. If you do not know your Pledge Number, please contact the staff.


  • The Banking details of St Mark (for St Mark and St Monica)
    • Name of Parish Account: St Mark the Evangelist,
    • Name of Bank: Standard Bank
    • Code of Bank: 050410
    • Account number 07 1950 516
    • Reference is your Pledge Number. If you do not know your Pledge Number, please contact the staff.

Social Responsibility

  • If there is need for assistance, please contact the Rector
  • Only the essential items will be considered

Pastoral Care

  • Please call the Rector if ministry is very essential and we will arrange ministry.
  • Hospital visits will be managed depending on the Hospitals regulations on Pastoral Visits
  • Please inform us of the Name of the Person hospitalised and a contact number. We will call the person and do ministry over the phone.

Words from Archbishop Thabo Makgoba – Archbishop of Cape Town

     "Keep safe, take good care of yourself,

     Wash your hands often and thoroughly,

     God bless you and keep you."

Love and blessings

Ven Rodney Whiteman




Rector: The Venerable Rodney Whiteman

67 Sarepta Road, KUILS RIVER 7580

Tel: +27 21 903 4562    l       Fax:  +27 21 086 5826 403